The fear of failing

So many of us are afraid of making mistakes or even failing completely, because we fear what others might think of us. We therefore prefer to stay in our cozy comfort zones, which are not always so cozy, and we never even try to take a step outside being afraid of what could go wrong if we did. Although we might have great ideas and dreams on what we would do and how we would do it, these ideas never see the daylight. They stay hidden somewhere in a secret drawer and we keep telling ourselves that “Someday, I will have my own business. Someday, I will quit my job and do my own thing. Someday, I will travel the world.” But then we first have to make enough money and we also need to find the time for setting up our business or travel the world and in the end there are still so many more details to be considered in all our great plans. But there is either never enough money or never enough time and in most cases both at the same time, so we keep on postponing our plans to some day in the far future.

The perfect moment for change

And we continue admiring those who have taken this step outside of their comfort zone or have been pushed out of it by circumstances, and who have been able to make new experiences and grow personally and professionally and make their dreams come true. And we wish for the perfect moment to come so we can finally do the same.

But in the end we have to realize, that the time to get out of our comfort zone will never be perfect, no matter how long we wait. And we have to decide if we want to stay in our comfort zone and continue our current life, because this is what we know, or if we want to take a step outside, even a tiny one, so we can finally see what else might be out there for us.

So, when will YOU take the step? And keep in mind, there is no perfect moment.