Think big, and then take the first step

When you decide to start your own business, this is what you are going to hear: You have to do LinkedIn videos. Be on Facebook. Do Facebook Ads. Do Google Ads. You should be on Instagram. Have a Freebie. Do a webinar. Write an e-book.

Stop listening. The only thing you HAVE to do when you start a business, is take the first step. Everything else is a CAN do, a WOULD BE GOOD to do or a I SHOULD TRY THAT do.

  • When you start your business, you should be clear on which problem you are solving for which target group. Don´t just assume that people will buy your product or services because you would buy it and because your friends and family promised to buy it. They mostly won´t.
  • Putting your product or services to the test, means finding out if strangers would be willing to pay for it. Don´t ask them, if they like it. People like a lot, especially if it is for free. But running a business, means making money from it. And money comes from those who not only like what you offer, but are actually paying for it. Where are you going to find these people? Depends on who your target group is and through which online and offline (yes, offline!) channels you can best reach them. This might be LinkedIn. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. Or YouTube.
  • Most people use different social media platforms for different purposes, and you might have different target groups for different offers, so when you start your business you might feel overwhelmed by all the social media platforms you should be on, and all the things you should do to promote your business.

Take a step back and focus.

  • Start with one offer to one specific target group and find out where they spend most of their time. And then test what works best with them to attract them to your services and turn them into clients.
  • Don´t just take for granted if someone tells you what to do. It is their business. It is how they make money. Test what works best for you. There are a lot of things you can do, things that would be good to do, and things you should try to do. Take one step at a time. Put everything to the test. Otherwise sooner or later you might realize that you have been running in the wrong direction and got lost.

To start your business, think big, and then take the first step.

To build your business, think big, and then take one step at a time.