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Entrepreneurship – Leadership – Growth Mindset

EFFECTIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Thinking about starting a business but not sure which steps to take? Or you already have a business, but feel overwhelmed? As your strategic thinking & accountability partner, I help you gain clarity and focus for more success and joy in your business.

LOVING LEADERSHIP – Leadership & Self-Leadership for Executives and Business Owners – As your sparring partner and coach, I help you realize your true potential to become a better and more impactful leader.

MINDFUL MONEY MINDSET – Increase your self-worth and confidence by letting go of limiting beliefs and take your business and career to the next level.

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The big things – how we think, what we value – those you must choose yourself. You can’t let anyone – or any society – determine those for you.

Morris S. Schwartz (Professor and Author, 1916 – 1995)

Workshops and Group Coachings 2024

  • STEPPING INTO ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur but not sure where to start? Start your business with ease and joy and grow into being an entrepreneur.
  • BOOST YOUR LEADERSHIP CAREER – Get ready to fully and confidently step into a leadership role
  • MINDFUL MONEY MINDSET – Learn how to successfully transform not only your financial life

To ensure a sustainable and optimal transfer of the learnings, 1:1 coachings can be booked additionally to each workshop or group coaching. All topics can also be covered in an individual coaching.

Languages: English, German or French.

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MONEY MINDSET & SELF WORTH – Develop new beliefs and habits that transform not only your financial life, but also your career or business. Take control over your finances, so you can feel more relaxed and confident.

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  • a group coaching (min. 3, max. 5 participants) or
  • an exclusive 1:1 Money Mindset coaching with me

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AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP – Find out what really drives you, and which direction you want to take as a leader, so it feels right for you.

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  • a group coaching (min. 3, max. 5 participants) or
  • an exclusive 1:1 Leadership coaching with me

LEADERSHIP GROWTH – You want to grow as a leader? Together we will co-design your next steps and create a customized action plan to reach your goals.

Chose between

  • an exclusive VIP Day or
  • the 3-months program.

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The secret of success in life is for 
a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.

Benjamin Disraeli (1804 – 1881)


START YOUR OWN BUSINESS – Learn what it takes to start your own business, and feel more confident. Get results with a well-thought out action plan that is tailored to your specific business and needs and have someone by your side to hold you accountable.

Choose between

  • the 4-months and the 6-months package.
  • You want someone by your side the first year of your business? We have a special 1-year VIP Business package for you.

What are the requirements?

  • Sign up for a free 30 min strategy call with me Let´s start
  • Apply for the program
  • Show full commitment to reaching your goals.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS SUSTAINABLY – Reconnect with your why and set up a strategy that supports your personal growth as an entrepreneur and your business growth.

Choose between

  • the 6-months package or
  • the 1-year VIP Business package.

What are the requirements?

  • You have been in business for at least 1 year.
  • Sign up for a free 30 min strategy call with me Let´s grow
  • Apply for the program
  • Show full commitment to reaching your goals.

Marc, Junior Business Manager, Germany

I worked with Andrea, when I faced an important career decision. Three qualities stand out from her, amongst many others that make her a fantastic coach: her ability to push you out of your comfort zone to help you move forward, as well as her positivism and her energy to keep you going and help you not to lose focus. 
I strongly recommend working with Andrea to anyone who decides to make any kind of major change in his or her life.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching can help you gain momentum in reaching your true goals. CEOs, managers and successful entrepreneurs all have coaches and mentors to help them get to where they want to be.

If they are worth it, so are you! get in touch with me.

Some examples: A coaching can help you if you want to

  • gain new perspectives and ideas and try out new things
  • feel and show up more confident
  • increase your self-esteem and ask for what you are worth
  • gain clarity and focus in your career or business
  • find out what really drives you in your career or business
  • reconnect to your personal values
  • figure out what you truly want to achieve
  • overcome your own mental barriers

Christian, Team Leader IT, Switzerland

I have been working with Andrea during a challenging period of work-related issues when starting a new leadership position. With her ability to listen, understand and reflect Andrea brought in new ideas and perspectives which helped me improve as a leader and which ultimately resulted in a better team performance. I can only recommend her to anyone who is looking for the right coach to gain clarity on what kind of leader you want to be, and in helping you to set up a clear strategy to reach your goals.

You are looking for a regular sparring partner?

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* To create lasting value for you the monthly coaching subscription is a 3-months commitment with sessions every 2 to 3 weeks after which you can cancel anytime.

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Vanessa, Change and Innovation Facilitator, France

My coaching with Andrea was just an amazing experience! Thanks to her I was able to reconnect with my true values and to gain clarity on how I want to further develop my own business. She helped me to develop my own action plan and encouraged me to to never give up.

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