Entrepreneur and Leadership Coaching

♥ Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

I help you get clearer on your business idea, and turn your ideas into reality. Have you started already, but feel kind of stuck? I help you get more clarity and focus on what is really important.

♥ Do you want to be a better leader or prepare yourself for a leadership position?

If you want to kickstart your future career and reach your goals faster, you are in the right place! My goal is to help you reach your full potential.

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♥ Sustainable – innovative – authentic coaching.

Take Action – Personal Success Coaching

○ Take Action Starter Package – Bring your ideas to life – This package is perfect for you, if you have a concrete idea or small project in mind which you want to realize within the next 4 to 6 weeks, but you definitely need outside motivation, a helping hand in planning and someone who holds you accountable during the process. Choose between the 4 weeks program for CHF 749 and the 6 weeks program for CHF 1079  to get all the support you need to get things done and finally turn your ideas into reality. Requirements: You have a concrete project idea you want to work on.

○ Take Action and Start Your Own Business – From your idea to your business – This package is perfect for you if you have been thinking for quite some time about starting your own business full-time or part-time, but feel overwhelmed by all the steps that need to be taken. Requirements: Show full commitment to reaching your goals. Choose between the 3-months and the 6-months package. Prices upon request.

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Career Development Coaching

○ Starter Package – My strengths, talents, values, and interests – This starter package is a great self-confidence booster and perfect for you, if you want to dig deeper into what really drives you, what you are good at, what your hidden talents are, and which direction you want to take in life. 4 online sessions over the period of 4 weeks CHF 449

○ Module 1 – Design your career – Create a career you love, so you can be truly successful. 1:1 coaching session CHF 250

○ Module 2 – Your action plan – Reach your career goals faster and with a smile. 1:1 coaching session CHF 250

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Improve Your Money Mindset

○ Learn how to take control of your relationship with money and transform your life. Get to where you want to be financially. Group coachings and individual coachings available. Prices upon request.

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Coaching sessions are in English, German or French and are either held face-to-face or online via Zoom.

The big things – how we think, what we value – those you must choose yourself. You can’t let anyone – or any society – determine those for you.

Morris S. Schwartz (Professor and Author, 1916 – 1995)

Why should you invest in yourself?

Coaching can change your life, and having a neutral sparring partner can help you gain momentum in reaching your true goals. CEOs, managers and successful entrepreneurs all have coaches and mentors to help them get to where they want to be. If they are worth it, so are you! Are you willing to invest in yourself to create more success in your life? Are you ready to take the next step? If your answer is YES!! then  get in touch with me.

Still not 100% sure? I can help you gain clarity on your next steps.

If you are unhappy with your current situation, but are not willing to take action and instead are waiting for things to just magically happen, if you are not willing to take full responsibility for your future, but instead are happy with blaming circumstances and other people, then I am definitely not the right person for you. And to be honest, no other coach will be.


Are you transitioning into a new leadership role? Do you want to change something in your professional life? Do you need more clarity and focus? Do you want to deepen your skills as a leader and broaden your awareness? Coaching offers you a safe space to work through your challenges in a productive and mindful manner. Together we will work on enhancing your leadership skills, you will become aware what kind of leader you really are, and you will have a neutral sparringpartner to give you honest feedback and to reflect with you on the issues you encounter in your daily life as a leader.

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The secret of success in life is for 
a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.

Benjamin Disraeli (1804 – 1881)


Are you considering starting your own business? I partner with individuals who want to actively create their future.

Together we will work on the following questions:

  1. Values: What is really important to me? What is my why?
  2. Beliefs: Which of my beliefs are empowering me? Which are limiting me?
  3. Mindset: How can I create a strong success and money mindset?
  4. Strenghts: What am I good at? What do others say about me?
  5. Vision: What do I want to achieve?
  6. Strategy: Which steps do I need to take to get to where I want to be? How will I know when I reached my goal?
  7. Resources: What and who can support me?
  8. Action Plan: What should be my first step? How can I make time in my daily routine to keep moving forward towards my goals?

Marc, Junior Business Manager, Germany I worked with Andrea, when I faced an important career decision. Three qualities stand out from her, amongst many others that make her a fantastic coach: her ability to push you out of your comfort zone to help you move forward, as well as her positivism and her energy to keep you going and help you not to lose focus. 
I strongly recommend working with Andrea to anyone who decides to make any kind of major change in his or her life.

Package Premium – “Get ready for your next career step” (3-months program to kickstart your future career):

This package is right for you if

  • you want to dive deeper into what really drives you,
  • figure out your next career steps and
  • what kind of leader/entrepreneur you are.

During these 3 months I will be there for you to motivate you, encourage you to try out new ideas, support you to reach your goals with a smile, push you to help you move forward, and hold you accountable. I will support you in working towards achieving your goals by building on your resources, strengths and personality, motivate you to regularly leave your comfort zone, set up a concrete strategy/action plan that works for you, and help you to keep focus on what is really important to you.

Christian, Team Leader IT, Switzerland

I have been working with Andrea during a challenging period of work-related issues when starting a new leadership position. With her ability to listen, understand and reflect Andrea brought in new ideas and perspectives which helped me improve as a leader and which ultimately resulted in a better team performance. I can only recommend her to anyone who is looking for the right coach to gain clarity on what kind of leader you want to be, and in helping you to set up a clear strategy to reach your goals.

Package VIP – “Take your career to the next level” (6-months intensive program to boost your career success):

Have you ever considered taking up a leadership position or starting your own business but have no idea where and how to start? This package is right for you if

  • you are aiming higher and are looking for a sparring partner to get ready for your take-off.
  • It is also right for you if you have a business idea in mind and need someone to help you concretize it and support you in taking the next steps.

During these 6 months your idea of where you want to go and why will become much clearer, and you have undertaken the right steps to reach your goals. By the end of our journey together you will not only have strengthened the confidence in yourself that you can do it, but you will already have set the foundation of your business and you have a clear action plan for your next steps.

Vanessa, Change and Innovation Facilitator, France

My coaching with Andrea was just an amazing experience! Thanks to her I was able to reconnect with my true values and to gain clarity on how I want to further develop my own business. She helped me to develop my own action plan and encouraged me to to never give up.

Are you ready to stop waiting for the perfect moment to make a change? Then get in touch with me. Together we will kickstart your future career! Sign up for your career success kick-off call. Please contact me by using the form below or by sending me an e-mail.