Leadership & Business Success Coaching

My passion is to help you reach your full potential for success

My mission is to empower YOU to dream bigger, be braver and bolder and to make a positive impact. I help female leaders, CEOs, startup teams and business owners develop a positive value-based entrepreneurial & financial mindset, and find clarity and direction to achieve sustainable growth. Let´s create your success together!

Sustainable – Innovative – Authentic coaching – Connecting mind & ♥

Empowering teams

Together we create your success story

I partner with leaders and teams in organizations and startups who want to actively create their future. My expertise is founded on years of experience as a Coach, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator and Startup Mentor, Advanced Studies in Personnel and Organizational Development and Change Management, and a bilingual Bachelor in Management coupled with years of experience in recruiting and marketing. Possible workshop topics include: Team Culture, Building effective teams.

How I can help

Inspiring people

Raise the bar for your dreams.

I believe in the power of thinking big and then taking small steps to make it happen. I help you feel more confident in your role as a leader or business owner by building on your strengths, talents and values. Find out what has been holding you back from reaching your true potential. Together we will design a tailor-made strategy to support you in achieving your goals and staying focused on your bigger picture.

Become a great leader     Become an entrepreneur

Think big, and then start with the first step.

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Some of the topics I work on with my clients

  • Staying in corporate or stepping fully into entrepreneurship
  • Feeling more confident in my role as a leader and in leading a team
  • Leaving your comfort zone and stepping into your full potential
  • How to start your own business
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and creating a new money mindset

Our mission

My name is Andrea Halmy, and I am the founder of BeYourBest4Success. My mission is to empower women to bravely take bold decisions and to become the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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