Finding happiness as a high-achiever

A few months ago I talked to a potential client. A young, dedicated and ambitious woman. A high-achiever.

I was impressed by what she had already achieved.
She? Not so much.

Why? Because others are way ahead of her and she mostly sees what still lies ahead of her.

There are people who have done and achieved much more than you have. And many more who have not.
But we do not strive for mediocrity. So we compare ourselves to other top-performers.

Personally, I believe a healthier approach is to take inspiration from those who are ahead of you, but to compare yourself to the person you were 5, 10, 15 years ago.

Everyone is different and your life is no one else´s life. Someone else might have achieved more because they had better starting conditions, more resources available, fewer setbacks, more luck.

So, instead of putting pressure on yourself by comparing yourself to others, take a look back where you have come from and what challenges you have overcome in life already.