Coaching Blabla?

Unlock your potential. Shape your future. Unleash your potential. Find your passion and live your purpose. Follow your dreams. Live your soul´s mission. Create the life you were born to live. Live the life you were always meant to live.

Am I the only one who is tired of all this Blabla? Apparently not.

Read this absolutely hilarious post on Life coaching and network marketing:
“All the rest are “Life Coaches”. They’re hyped and shiny-eyed and positive and following the dream of escaping the humdrum and turning their passion into a business. Because if you want it, if you really want it, if you want it enough, you can have it. You can have it all!…” Read more

Another interesting post on the current Business Coaching Industry:
It’s almost like some weird pyramid scheme where a bunch of coaches are coaching coaches on how to make money coaching.” Read more